Lauren London Body Shamed + Her Epic Comeback

32-year old actress and California native, Lauren London, is known to be the queen of keeping things low key. She practically went her whole second pregnancy last year without the media knowing until personally updating the world on social media after the child was born in September 2016. We haven't really seen many photos of Lauren's post-baby body until she was recently spotted at a Lakers game with her fiance Nipsey Hussle

The couple looked amazing in their casual black from head-to-toe ensemble. Although Lauren was not back down to her size before the baby, the weight did her body good. Lauren's frame was clearly fuller, but she looked very healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there were internet trolls who disagreed. 

The body shaming and fat jokes erupted on Twitter and Instagram shortly after the photo of her and her fiance surfaced the web. She has been called fat, ugly, a pig, and many other awful terms. It not only left her true fans in confusion, but completely outraged at the indecent comments made about Lauren. It was not long after until her fans starting shutting down the internet trolls and speaking up on behalf of Lauren and all mother's who recently had a child and did not drop the weight instantly. 

Lauren did not sit quiet after body shaming haters trolled her. She gave the most epic comeback message ever on Instagram a day ago. Read below:

“I’ve been getting compliments on my looks for years. I never let it “gas me” because I knew the enduring value in all things is internal. When I decided to have my son, I knew the internet would be cruel. I knew that casting directors would consider me out of commission for at least a year. I knew that my body would change, but I did not let the fear of these things effect [sic] me to the point of going against my spirit. I asked myself: would you rather be at conflict with yourself and at peace with the world? Or at peace with yourself and at conflict with the world? I chose the latter, at that moment I was ready for whatever came with it. This lil weight will get worked off and who I am will be uncompromised. Win-win, no? – LL THE GREAT.”

"Take that, take that!" Weight or no weight, Lauren will always be our WCW. She gave the classiest and realist response you could imagine.