"Love Your Curves" - Why Zara's New Ad is Currently Under Heat

Zara's "Love your curves" Campaign

Zara's "Love your curves" Campaign

Zara, the popular clothing and shoes brand, recently released a new ad this February to promote their latest jean collection, Body Curve Jeans. The tagline to this ad is "Love Your Curves." Well, loving curves is not what has the internet in an uproar. It is the fact that instead of using curvy models on the ad, they used thin models who actually lacked curves.

In our opinion, the ad is very misleading. This is not to body shame the thin models on the advertisement, but come on. Curves where, Zara? People on social media did not hesitate to voice their opinions. 

In today's society, when curvy is mentioned we think of famous models such as Ashley Graham and Saffi Karina - models who have real curves. They represent a large population of women in the world who seek out fashion and fashion that will fit. As a curvy woman, you expect from hearing the tagline that this could possibly be a line for you, but met with confusion when skinny models are advertising the jeans. Just take a look at the models on the website for the body curve jean collection.


Zara, quick word of advise: if you're going to promote a line for curves - please let us see some curves.