10 Ways to Keep Those Curls Healthy and Maintained In The Summer

Heat can definitely become a curly girl's NIGHTMARE. Between the heat, humidity, frizz, and glaring sunโ€”it can be so damaging to our hair. That's why it is extremely important that we take the extra steps needed to not only protect but maintain healthy curls in warmer seasons. I have curated some of my best practices and tips that leave my curls damage-free.

Stay Hydrated Inside & Out

This is most important. Heat and the sun can cause hair to become very dry and brittle. You can counteract that by making sure your hair has all of the moisture need. It goes beyond just moisturizing your hair on the outside. The best hydration your hair can get is from inside. Make sure you are drinking a MINIMUM of eight 8oz glasses of water a day and maintain a daily moisturizing routine for your strands.

Keep The Moisture Sealed

Find a light weight oil to seal your ends at night. This will keep the moisture locked in your locks. Also, invest in a silk pillow case and a silk bonnet to prevent cotton materials from soaking up the moisture from your hair. My favorite oil at the moment is The Mane Choice Multi-Vitamin Growth Oil. 

Deep Condition Frequently

In the summer, it is very vital to increase the frequency of deep conditioning treatments and masks. My suggestion is once a week. This not only keep your hair shining and moisturized, but it will also give you the strength you need to protect your locks.

Protect Yourself

Protective styles are EVERYTHING when it is hot. Give your curls a break. 

Ditch The Shampoo

Yep. I said it. Chill out with the shampoo. Wash your hair often with water and conditioner to get rid of the sweat and products. Use a ACV rinse to keep your scalp cleansed and remove a little of the resistant products weighing your hair down, but try to stay away from shampoos. Although you can find a lot of sulfate-free shampoos, it can still be a little drying to your curls. You don't want to strip your natural oils.

Oil and Massage

The curlier your hair, the longer it takes for your natural hair oils to make its way down your hair shaft. Therefore, give it some assistance. A good routine to start doing at night after you moisturize is massaging a little oil onto your fingertips and work it in your scalp for 1-2 minutes. This will get the blood flowing, which promotes hair growth, and it will get the oil flowing. Then with a little bit more oil, start massaging it into your strands. This will prevent breakage.

Say "No" to Heat

Environmental heat and heat tools are a bad combination. Don't even think about it! It is not worth the fry session you are going to do to your hair. Refer back to the protective styles for some creative ideas on protecting your hair.

Properly Prepare for Chlorine

Before you take a dip in the pool, take precaution. Rinse your hair in chlorine-free water prior to submerging it in chlorine. The chlorine-free water will soak into your hair when the follicles open and it will prevent a lot of chlorine from entering. Don't forget to give your curls a good wash afterwards.

UV Protectant Sprays

Just as your skin needs protection from the sun, so does your hair. Try out some of these UV Protectant hairsprays.

Bye, Bye Split Ends

Trim those ends! I only trim my ends twice a year. Before winter and prior to summer. Those are the most damaging seasons. See a professional for clipping your ends to prevent any split ends splitting further from the weather and activities. 

Do you have any tips on curl protection? Leave your tips in the comment box. Can't wait to hear from you!