Nike's New Plus Size Collection - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The great news? Nike recently released an expanded collection solely for plus-sized women between sizes 1x-3x with bra sizes up to a 38E. Nike designed this line to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. Vice president of Nike's women training apparel, Helen Boucher, stated "strong is the new keyword for us; size doesn't matter." Nike wants every woman to feel comfortable while looking good on their fitness journey.

Nike is the first-ever major commercial brand to carry a plus-size line. The line carries over 200 items which consists of shorts, pants, bras, shirts, and jackets. This collection falls in line with Nike's 'Equality' campaign in showing that they stand for all including women of larger sizes. The brand strategically used major plus-sized influencers, such as UK's own Danielle Vanier and Grace Victory, to be the faces of this campaign.

The bad and the ugly? Oh, the internet trolls of course. Of course an amazingly positive announcement such as this apparel collection will bring up and hate and negativity on the internet. Although, most comments are positive - there is a lot of backlash for Nike and body shaming for the models. Some cruel critics believe that Nike is promoting obesity by having a line for plus-size women or think that it is "gross".

The responses to this negativity is absolutely epic! People seem to be confused, as are we, of why someone would think plus-sized workout apparel would tarnish a brand or promote obesity? Wouldn't it be promoting getting fit for ALL sizes?

Yes @_Jazzay_, we agree. Why are they mad? Nike - great job!