Pinterest DIY: Office/Vanity Decor

It all started with Pinterest...

This weekend, pretty much my whole Saturday morning was dedicated to trying out new make-up tricks and getting lost in the endless road of Pinterest. Seriously... I go there for one thing and end up spending hours upon hours pinning a gazillion photos to my secret board of "crap that I want to try" and usually the Pinterest binge ends with me being mentally exhausted and shutting my phone off. That often means - I'm not doing ANY of the things that I pinned anytime soon. Hey... remember that this is a no judgement zone.

Well, I decided to surprise myself and try out three DIY projects that I found for my new office area in the house. The nakedness of the room was my motivation to actually do something to brighten the place up a bit. Out of a list of maybe 30 projects, I tried three of the less painful ones. Although these DIYs are not my original ideas, I wanted to show you that not only can an amateur like myself do them, but I wanted you to see how amazingly cute they turned out.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Tray by Brit+Co



  • Colorful Sculpey Clay
  • White Sculpey Clay
  • Gold Paint Marker
  • Craft Knife
  1. Take an even piece of the colored clay and the white clay and twist them together. 
  2. Roll it together to create the marble effect. (Try not to over roll causing too much blending).
  3. Roll into a perfect ball.
  4. Flatten out into flat circle. Optional: You can create a matching white circle to place at the bottom of the marbled circle.
  5. Pinch up the sides to create a tray shape. This does not have to be perfect.
  6. Put in the oven on 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Once the clay is cool, use the paint marker to paint the edges gold.
DIY Marbled Jewelry Tray

DIY Marbled Jewelry Tray

Glitter Letter/Symbol

This was actually inspired by a few projects, but not one in particular. Glitter letters & symbols are definitely a great look anywhere for decor. I want something that was not completely glitter, but just a little sparkle to add the glam touch.


  • Wooden letter or symbol
  • Spray Paint (Color of your choice)
  • Loose glitter
  • Mod Podge
  1. Spray paint the wooden letter/symbol
  2. Sprinkle the glitter on while the paint is still wet
  3. Allow it to dry and coat with Mod Podge to secure the glitter

Hexagon Frame

This is just another fun way to create a frame that is out of your ordinary rectangular shape. If I were to it again, which I plan to, I would definitely use another color.


  • Craft Sticks (36)
  • Spray Paint
  • Glitter (Optional)
  • E6000 glue or wood glue
  1. Lay the craft sticks flat and connect forming a hexagon shape. 
  2. Glue sticks together.
  3. Layer six times (or more).
  4. Spray paint and add glitter.

I hope this inspired you to get crafty! 

Until next time...