Rocksbox: The Many Reasons It... Well, Rocks!

Is it me or does receiving packages seem a lot more exciting than shopping in a mall? Subscription boxes have definitely been on trend this past year, and maybe the idea of happy mail with a hint of mystery showing up at your door each month plays a major part.

The pro is that it gives consumers the opportunity to sample and try products from major brands for a small fee without initially making the larger dollar commitment. You have the chance to fall in love - or hate it. Some subscription boxes you keep whether you like it or not, such as CurlBox, Ipsy, and ScentBird. Other subscription boxes you get to return if you do not like the items, like Rocksbox.  

Rocksbox is a San Francisco-based fashion tech company that allows you to borrow three pieces of designer jewelry - from brands like Gorjana, Wanderlust + Co., and House of Harlow 1960 - on a small loan of $19 per month. Each piece is hand selected by a team of stylist that uses a survey (that you complete) to send you piece that will compliment your style. I haven't even mentioned the greatest part yet: the jewelry rental is UNLIMITED. Yes, unlimited girls! That means that there is no limit to how many times you send your box back for a fresh new set of jewelry pieces. Now let's just say you love everything in your box and never want to let it go. You don't have to! You can keep it and get charged a great discounted price for the pieces and receive another box with all new designer pieces to try out.

I think I fell in love!

I received my own Rocksbox in the mail this past weekend. The packaging is so cute and the box is very personalized. The package that the box arrives in has a big sticker that must remain on the package if you plan on returning the items for a new box. By the way - there is no cost to send back your box. It is highly suggested that you chat with your stylist or give feedback so that they know exactly what to send you next go round.

My box came with personalized instructions on how to best utilize my Rocksbox subscription. In this box, I was sent the Slate Statement necklace, Gorjana Bali Diamond-shaped Studs, and the House of Harlow 1960 Aztec Bangle in Colbalt. 

Want to try Rocksbox for free? Of course you do...

I have a very special code for my very special readers that will allow you to try ONE FREE MONTH of Rocksbox. Yes, because you read this post you get to enjoy a month of rocking gorgeous designer jewelry for free. If you like it, keep it... but make sure you invite your friends to try it first so you can get $25 towards your purchase for each friend who signs up. WINNING!

The code is: mostlysugarxoxo

Just enter the code when you are checking out and boom... your complimentary box is on the way!

Make sure you hashtag #rocksbox and #MostlySugarBlog in your new jewelry.

Until next time girlfrienddddd.....