Six Easy Ways To Boost Your Confidence


Oh confidence... you son of a gun. I've never met a women who never struggled with self confidence issues at least once in their lifetime. We can just be weird like that, you know. I mean I've met some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and some of the most talented, and the majority of them had confidence issues. Lacking confidence could be the barrier between you and a world of opportunities.

If you're battling your own confidence issues, do not feel alone. It is common, but you have to do something about it. If you do not believe in your beautiful and super awesome self, then how could anyone else? Here are six easy ways to boost your confidence.

Acknowledge Your Flaws

Whether it is yours looks or skills, we all have some kind of flaw or flaws. Acknowledge it. Usually it is the flaws that results in lack of confidence. Make a note of it. Ex: I am not completely confident in my looks because I do not like my shape.

Accept and Embrace

Now that you have faced your flaws, embrace it. This can be hard or it can be easy - it depends on you. Accept that it is who you are and that is why you are different. Embrace it and learn to love it. If you lack confidence in a talent or skill, accept and embrace that you are not going to be perfect. Not a soul on this earth is perfect.

Stop Comparing

Just being real... someone is always going to be better at you in something. It is life. With that being said, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Once you decide in your mind that you do not need to compare yourself to others, you will put yourself in your own category. It is a beautiful thing. Focus on standing out and not blending in. This is an instant confidence boost.

Optimize Your Assets

Just like flaws, we all have amazing assets. Optimize them. If you are insecure about your teeth, but have beautiful eyes. Draw the attention to your eyes. If you're an artist and lack confidence in your skills, draw attention to your bad ass personality. Evaluate your strengths and allow them to make up for your weaknesses.

Compliment Yourself

Compliment yourself. I suggest doing this alone in front of your mirror. Look at yourself and say great things as if you were a stranger. Completely ignore your flaws. Always be the first pat on your back. Trust me. It makes a huge difference.

Put Yourself Out There

Now that you have acknowledged your flaws, accepted and embraced them, stop comparing yourself to others, optimized your assets, and complimented yourself - it is time to put yourself on front street. Go have a photo shoot and post it on social media. Take your talents to a show and post a video. Put yourself out there with as much confidence as you can muster, and pretty soon it will be natural.

I hope this helped. I find myself repeating the steps in this list if I am having a "not-so-confident" day. Remember, confidence shine brighter than any beautiful face and/or talents. Let the world see yours.

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