Style Watch: Founder of Closet Space - Ashley Kilback

Founder of Closet Space—Ashley Kilback

Founder of Closet Space—Ashley Kilback

With a profound love for style and fashion, Ashley Kilback has compared it to being her "childhood best friend." It grew with her from an early age of playing dress up in her closet to graduating to her mother's wardrobe. Destined to be a fashionista, Ashley's passion for fashion ran deeper than just dressing up in beautiful clothing. She had a deep desire to use words and tell stories - write about fashion and creativity.

Creativity, fashion, a love for journalism, and inspiration from a colorful spread of undiscovered creatives is what drove Ashley to start her blogging platform, Closet Space. At Closet Space, she satisfies your sweet tooth for style and introduces you to a world of talented creatives.

Ashley Kilback has been on our style radar lately, and we definitely think she is someone you should watch. When it comes to style, she serves and delivers!


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I’m not afraid to wear things that might make people look twice.
— Ashley Kilback

What is your top style inspiration?

I really gravitate towards the high-end fashion you see on the runway. I love the creative madness that ensues in the world of high fashion and how I can translate that inspiration into my every day wardrobe.


Do you consider yourself having a signature style? If so, what is it that makes you stand out?

I’m a bit of a chameleon so my style tends to be all over the place depending on how I’m feeling. That being said, I’m not afraid to wear things that might make people look twice. I like to experiment, be weird, and just have fun with it.


If you had to relocate to a warm place where you could not buy any clothes (nightmare) and you could only bring one outfit, what would it be?

Does a bikini count as an outfit? I would not complain if I had to live the life of an island bikini bum. If we were talking practicality, then I’d go with a maxi dress.

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You are doing a fabulous job with your blog, Closet Space. We really love how you feature undiscovered creatives and shine a little light on your personal style. If you had unlimited resources gifted to Closet Space to do whatever you need to do, how do you forecast you would use it?

I would travel the world to interview undiscovered creatives from all different walks of life. I have a true passion for storytelling and if I were able to do that every single day of my life then I would be living my dream.

On a personal style note, I would revamp my entire wardrobe with designer clothes – particularly Balmain

I find that fashion was more of a journey of self-discovery that led me to finding a creative outlet where I could express myself in the best possible way.
— Ashley Kilback


Name 3 people that you consider fashion icons:

I’m going to cheat and go with four. Present day: Leandra Medine and Miroslava Duma. Historic: Jackie Kennedy and Iris Apfel.

Who are some under the radar fashion and/or creative geniuses you believe should get some more publicity?

Kara Chomistek and Jessie Li of Promoting Artists and Redefining Kulture (PARK). They are changing the game for the Western Canadian fashion scene by bringing up and coming designers to the forefront of the industry. I think we’re really going to see the creative industry take a big step forward in the next couple of years.


On your blog, you mentioned that you used to play dress up in your mother's closet. Would you say that she was a major influence to your fashion style?

I would say that she definitely contributed to my interest in fashion, as her closet always seemed to be more exciting than mine while I was growing up. I find that fashion was more of a journey of self-discovery that led me to finding a creative outlet where I could express myself in the best possible way.


For someone who is interested in pursuing a fashion/style blog, or writing in the fashion industry, what advice would you give them?

Take the time to do your research and make a plan of action for what you envision your future to be. When I first started blogging I literally had no plan and was just doing it as a way to nurture my creativity. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to make a career about of it then I needed to put a plan in action and start thinking about what people cared about and what they wanted to see from me.

It’s been four years since I launched Closet Space and I’m still learning how to be better every single day. It takes time to find your voice and develop your craft so be prepared to put in some serious overtime. If you truly love it, it will be worth every success and failure along the way.


What has been your most rewarding moment with Closet Space so far?

In 2014, I won a national blogging contest across Canada and had the opportunity to be a social media ambassador for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas. On top of that, there was a cash prize and I landed a cool gig doing a social media campaign for Fruttare. It’s still a surreal experience when I look back on it and definitely one of the most rewarding moments of my writing career to date. 

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