9 Stylish and Affordable Activewear Trends

Activewear Trends 2018

Stylish and Affordable Activewear Trends For Women

Not all of us can or want to splurge on ridiculously priced technical activewear pieces. And the good news is: there are plenty of beautiful and gorgeous pieces available that are fashionable, functional, and affordable.

In case if you are wondering as to what is the need to wear stylish workout clothes when you can wear a ratted cotton T-shirt? Here’s why!

According to one study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothing influences behavior and attitude because it carries a symbolic meaning. In simple words, what you wear is subconsciously changing how you act. So, when you put on the new gear, you begin to feel more confident in your abilities, which often leads to an improved motivation, focus, and ultimately better performance.

Additionally, better fitted and stylish workout clothes also aid in preventing injuries. For instance, if you are living in colder regions, then wearing an insulated fabric is important to protect your body from cold morning runs. Certainly, it’s well worth investing in fitness gears that help lower the risk of injury. And you don’t have to burn your pockets to buy stylish fitness gears. There are many stylish workout clothes available that are actually affordable.

Below mentioned is a list of categories of clothes that are gaining massive attention in the gym fraternity all over the world because of its cool aesthetic appearance and affordability factor! Take a look.

1. Oversized Sweatshirt

An oversized sweatshirt is gaining a huge momentum this year, thanks to the amazing comfort that it provides to ladies of all sizes. Lots of elite brands such as Zara and Alexander McQueen are showing an active interest in sweatshirts. This is surely the comfiest fitness outfit ever!

2. Cut-out tanks

If sweatshirts don’t catch your fancy, then give a try to cut-out and open-back tanks. You must have already seen cut-out tanks on red carpet A-listers, but now they are also widely seen in the gyms. Not only do these tank tops look stylish, but are also high in functionality.

3. Chic bralettes

Activewear brands have indeed come a long way in the sports bra fraternity. Previously, bralettes came with the cuts that were super comfortable and supportive. However, now they will be super cute looking as well.

Be on a watch out for this technical, but incredibly stylish bralette in stores.

4. Bomber jackets

These sweat-friendly bomber jackets go really well with a pair of flawless leggings. The jackets will be outfitted with technical fabrics and specs that will prove to be a boon to sprinters and joggers at the gym.

Do keep an eye out for these bomber jackets!

5. Mesh leggings

Mesh leggings are a new addition to the upcoming trends in gym wear. These leggings will make you feel comfortable and look sexy on your legs. Plus, they even have ventilation to keep your legs cool during the workout.

It is a good idea to pair your cut-out tanks or bralettes with mesh leggings.

6. Crop tops

If long tank tops aren’t your thing, then give a try to crop tops. Crop tops are bold and stylish. They have found their way in the workout trends and are here to stay. Crop tops are perfect for anyone who is willing to show off their toned abs.

You can pair crop tops with shorts or crop pants.

7. Strappy sports bra

Strappy sports bra looks super hot and sexy during workouts. When the weather heats up, a strappy sports bra is your go-to option to get some air in your workouts.

Women love the comfort and the look of this bra. Unsurprisingly, it is trending this season.

8. Mesh sports bra

Another fabulous addition to the upcoming trend in the Activewear is a mesh sports bra. Mesh bra gives a sexy feel to your cleavage and neck. You can pair the bra with cut-out jogger pants for your routine workouts. Even better, cover the bra with a cropped hoodie and unzip just enough to reveal the mesh panel.

9. High neck sports bra

Although the high neck sports bra is a thing of the early 80s, they are back in the limelight. Sure, they never go out of style. Major leading brands such as Nike and Victoria’s sport, all are following this trend everywhere, which means finding these bras will be easy.

A high neck bra is a great choice for those women who have flawless shoulders and arms. It is advisable to pair a high neck bra with mesh leggings. This combination works really well.

Sum up!

Quite irrefutably, your choice of fitness gear does play a pivotal role in reflecting your sense of style and comfort. Hence it is useful to follow the latest and upcoming fitness clothing trends to fetch some inspiration.

So, which gym trend is your favorite?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diana Is a working woman, Apart from her desk job, she is a Health And Fitness Blogger and is working with the leading Fitness Clothing Brand LIVE! Clothing UK, She has been very keen on building a better physique, So she always find time for her workout. Her motto is “Be better than you was yesterday and everything will be better tomorrow”.