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Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger - Breanah Marie

Boston bred fashion stylist and the creator of The Vanity Vixxen, Breanah Marie, has been making major boss moves lately and proving to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with. She compares herself to the modern day Carrie Bradshaw, and we can totally understand why. She is very insightful, stylish, smart, relate-able, and is an example that dreams can become reality with hard work. Although Breanah is fairly new to the blogging industry, she possesses experience, skills, and the drive that will surely take her very far.

We had the honor of linking up with her via Facebook/email to get to know all about her and gain further insight of her endeavors. Check out her exclusive interview below:

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How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Recently, I have been web surfing through stores and filling up my cart with very cute fall essentials. I figured this year I will be smart and not buy the whole freaking store, but find ways to make things stretch and get more wear out of seasonal items. Long story short --- my husband started getting all concerned about his bank account balance and almost gave me a money management speech when he started seeing me wear all of these new outfits. To his surprise, I just mixed the new with the old and TA-DA, a beautiful fall outfit.

So before you fold those summer clothes up until next year, check out

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