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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide: How to Make the Most Out of Your Experience

Alas ladies! It is #FestivalSeason! Festivals are prime opportunities to not only make the most amazing memories that you will talk about forever, but you also get to let your inner boho-hippie-rockstar self out to play. If you're down for learning the Mostly Sugar way of surviving festivals and having the time of your life, no worries - we've got you covered!

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Blogger, Are You Attracting The Right Audience?

Attracting the right audience for your blog is important because those are your potential loyal readers. If you sell products/services or plan to, these are also your potential buyers. When you produce content, you have to know exactly who you are talking to and how to keep them around. That is the point! You want people to keep coming back. You want to become like besties. Once I finally figured it out (yes, it was a little while), my bounce rate has tremendously decreased and my page views sky rocketed! That means I am attracting the right audience. 

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Viva Las Vegas: Things To Consider When Breaking Your Las Vegas Virginity

"What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas"

I was really excited when some of my friends from college invited me to Las Vegas in September to celebrate their birthday. I had never been to Las Vegas before, and I was excited to celebrate with them. I live in Stockton, CA, which is close to Sacramento, so I opted out of flying and decided to drive down. The whole Vegas trip was so much fun--- zip lining at the Rio Hotel, arriving in a limo at 1 OAK, partying in VIP with Houston Rocket's basketball player, James Harden, and

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5 Tips That Will Help Any New Blogger Stand Out

It is hard to get noticed if you are not doing anything to stand out. This is the down fall for a lot of new bloggers. They start a blog that gets drowned out by established blogs and blogs that are catching readers attention. Well, that is just a waste of time isn't it? If you're a new blogger, I want you to read and apply these few tips that I've learned over the past few months that will surely help your new blog stand out.

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