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Rocksbox: The Many Reasons It... Well, Rocks!

Is it me or does receiving packages seem a lot more exciting than shopping in a mall?Subscription boxes have definitely been on trend this past year, and maybe the idea of happy mail with a hint of mystery showing up at your door each month plays a major part.

The pro is that it gives consumers the opportunity to sample and try products from major brands for a small fee without initially making the larger dollar commitment. You have the chance to fall in love - or hate it. Some subscription boxes you keep whether you like it or not, such as CurlBoxIpsy, and ScentBird. Other subscription boxes you get to return if you do not like the items, like Rocksbox

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A wonderful representative from eShakti contacted me via email with an opportunity to review one of their products of my choice. What sold me on agreeing was that eShakti gives you the flexibility of fully customizing the size and look of your clothing item of choice so it will fit you exactly.

eShakti carries sizes 0-36, but they suggest that you use the customization option so that the item can fit you perfectly. This option is free for first time users, and only $7.50 per item for loyal customers. When you customize they ask for all of your body measurements, including height. I even had choices between 7 sleeve styles, 6 lengths, and 5 necklines. Even with customization your order still arrives within the same time frame: 12- 18 days via DHL.

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How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Recently, I have been web surfing through stores and filling up my cart with very cute fall essentials. I figured this year I will be smart and not buy the whole freaking store, but find ways to make things stretch and get more wear out of seasonal items. Long story short --- my husband started getting all concerned about his bank account balance and almost gave me a money management speech when he started seeing me wear all of these new outfits. To his surprise, I just mixed the new with the old and TA-DA, a beautiful fall outfit.

So before you fold those summer clothes up until next year, check out

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