The New Wave of Eco Fashion

The New Wave of Eco Fashion

Even though the fast fashion business provides very attractive and affordable clothing items, the truth is that lower price comes with huge environmental and social costs. This is exactly why people should turn to nature and look closely at what it has to offer. You will be surprised when you realize the real truth behind the relation between fashion and nature – they can really coexist, and here are some of the main reasons to support such a claim.

Why Eco Fashion?

Eco fashion puts an emphasis on clothes that is friendly not only to the environment, but also to the health of the consumers who will wear it. It includes clothes made of raw materials such as organic cotton, as well as those of recycled textiles. Besides that, eco-friendly clothes are more durable, and they exclude all kinds of toxic substances such as dyes or bleaches.


What is also important is that eco fashion includes some human rights elements, because clothes are made under conditions where workers are treated fairly and paid a fair wage. However, the materials don’t necessarily have to be organic in order to be considered eco-fashion. As long as they are sustainable, which means that they come from a crop that can be regrown or replanted once they’re harvested for making garments, then it’s fine. Animal-based materials such as cashmere and wool can be considered eco-friendly, since animals are not harmed in the gathering process.


Embracing a Rising Trend

Not that long ago, eco fashion was considered to be practical but not that aesthetically pleasing. However, the situation is much different today, thanks to the creative designers who are transforming previous shapeless designs into something very trendy and ready-to-wear. This new movement is gaining momentum all over the globe, with ethical, sustainable, and eco-conscious fashion shows being organized worldwide. Some of these are San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week, Copenhagen Summit, Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, and many more. 

Such events are focusing on the slow fashion movement that doesn’t advocate today’s consumerism. They show that health and consciousness about the environment are much more important than mere exploitation of the natural resources for the purposes of fashion. Eco fashion is based on timeless pieces that are comfortable in the first place, but which can be worn in all kinds of occasions – not only in casual outfits as before.

Eco Fashion Today

Many of the world’s most prominent brands turned to eco-friendly fashion, and they are actually showing us that fashion and nature indeed can coexist. Even though in a lot of cases people need to prepare extra cash for such products, H&M brought some very affordable options for them, without compromising on style. People Tree, pioneers in slow fashion, are offering the most amazing organic dresses online. Check them out and learn something more about their cooperation with artisans and farmers in developing countries that results in marvelous products which look good and feel good on the body. 

Stella McCartney, as a lifelong vegetarian, doesn’t use leather or fur in her designs, which definitely makes her a leader in sustainable haute couture. She advocates ethical and ecological questions not only in private life, but also in fashion. Reformation is also famous as a green clothing brand which uses sustainable fabrics for making vintage, super chic garments that are packed in 100% recycled packaging.


Eco fashion is a significant connection between the fashion industry and nature, and it gains more and more admirers every day for a good reason. Satisfying the needs of the consumers in a way that is eco-friendly, healthy and trendy at the same time is its main goal, which is exactly why it definitely represents the future of fashion.

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