Viva Las Vegas: Things To Consider When Breaking Your Las Vegas Virginity

By China LoveLace

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

I was really excited when some of my friends from college invited me to Las Vegas in September to celebrate their birthday. I had never been to Las Vegas before, and I was excited to celebrate with them. I live in Stockton, CA, which is close to Sacramento, so I opted out of flying and decided to drive down. The whole Vegas trip was so much fun--- zip lining at the Rio Hotel, arriving in a limo at 1 OAK, partying in VIP with Houston Rocket's basketball player, James Harden, and then ending out our trip at the SLS hotel for a pool party with rapper, Fetty Wap.  This was a much needed vacation, and now I CANNOT wait to go back! 

Are you planning on taking a trip to Vegas soon for the first time?

If so, here are a few tips on breaking your Las Vegas "virginity" and how to make sure your trip is just as fabulous as mine!                                            

You are not alone...

When your going on a trip with a group of girls and you don’t know everyone, it can be a little intimidating. It is always best to put your best foot forward so everyone feels comfortable.

club promoters are your best friend...

Ladies you should not have to pay for anything in Vegas, party wise. You can meet a promoter on the strip, or even via social media that will put you on the guest list. Bonus--- that sometimes comes with complimentary drinks.

choose wisely...

Speaking of drinks... if you like to drink, be prepared to pay. Unless of course some cutie decides to buy you a drink. Depending on what alcoholic beverage you choose, you can end up spending anywhere from $16-$20 on 1 drink. Alternative: you can always buy your own liquor from the liquor stores surrounding the strip. For the same amount you would pay for one drink, you can have a whole bottle and have endless drinks.*Remember to be responsible*

Stay hydrated!

Do not forget that you are in Vegas aka the desert which means it’s hot.

Learn to love yelp...

Yelp is my best friend when it comes to food places. I love to check their app to see reviews and what is around me before I spend my money on something that isn’t appetizing.

Budget correctly...

Make sure you have enough money to do all of the things you plan to do--- party, eat, shop, and do activities.

If you plan on going many places on or around the strip, paying for cabs can be costly. Do not be afraid to use public transportation. On our trip, my girls and I caught the bus. Yes, the bus. It picked up right on the strip in front of our hotel, which was very convenient. You can get a 24 hour pass for $8---very reasonable. Comfort is key, so bring comfortable shoes if you plan on being out all day and doing a lot of walking. 

The most important tip...

Have fun!

And remember

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!


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