2017 Beauty Bible: Thou Shall Follow These 8 Commandments

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New season, new trends, and that means new fashion, beauty and skincare rules. What used to work for you might not be suitable at the turn of the season. So, make sure you are up to date on how to pamper and care for yourself in the new year. In order to provide some guidance, we have come up with a list, or better yet – commandments to abide by, so think of this as your 2017 beauty Bible.

Thou Shall Tone Down the Brow Game

It is highly likely that we will look back at the trend of sharp overworked bold eyebrows and think “what the hell were we doing.” Even more so because of the fact that more subtle brow work, which entails soft, feathery and subtly filled brows (although still thick) and more flattering and natural brows are in. So you might want to rethink your brow routine and scale it down a notch, or a couple of notches to be precise.

Thou Shall Not Forsake Thy Lips

The rule and reign of matte lipstick are coming to an end. They are still here, sure, but their power is diminishing under the stronger-by-the-minute influence of natural looking lips. This means opting for sheer lipsticks and of course, hydrating, fresh and healthy looking lip glosses and balms. Time to upgrade that make up bag and get shiny, gals.

Thou Shall Love the No-Makeup

Some things never change, so even as the seasons do, the no-makeup makeup is staying right where it is. It is all about BB creams and mid-coverage foundations, a bit of healthy bronzing and highlighting – very subtle, almost invisible.

Thou Shall Be Bold With Colors

If you never mastered the perfect eyeliner wing, that is perfectly fine because the imperfect liner is the new perfect. Eccentric and electric look-loving ladies have something to rejoice as well, as vivid blue and pink liners and eye shadows will be the absolute bomb this year. And when speaking of brave new looks, white shadows in creamy textures have been spotted on runways and are quickly taking over the streets, so make sure you go bold this season.

Thou Shall Cleanse Thy Skin

No amount of makeup tricks is good enough without a face well-cared for, so do not forsake your skincare routine. This year it is more on trend than ever, with more steps to lead you to a flawless complexion. The first step is a gentle gel cleanser, something along the Pelactiv line of products, as this year is all about getting that vitamin C, that powerful antioxidant which serves to refresh and purify the skin. Whether or not you are ready for this jelly, it is what your skin desires.

Thou Shall Mask Up

Masks have never been more popular and in demand than this season. Girls are realizing more and more the benefits of masking at least once a week. So, whether you will go the clay mask route, DIY or the wildly popular sheet masks once or twice a week, make it your duty to mask up – detoxify, purify, and get glowy for the upcoming season.

Thou Shall Moisturize and Protect

Keep your moisturizer close by at all time. Asian women have discovered the fountain of youth and one of their secrets is frequent moisturizing – and that means not only in the morning and before bedtime, but a couple of times in between. If you are wearing makeup, have a hydrating face mist with you and just spritz to refresh and give your skin an instant hydration boost.

Thou Shall Not Forsake SPF

Whether you are leaving the house with nothing but a face lotion, a tinted cream or foundation, make sure you have picked the one with high SPF, because the key to beautiful skin is undamaged skin.

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