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Meet Creative Genius & Ultimate Go-Getter - Tiora "Teekie" Hackley

Some people wait for things to happen. Then there are those few people who make things happen. Virginia State University (VSU) and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) graduate, Tiora "Teekie" Hackley, is a great example of someone who make things happen. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, College Park 757 area code to be exact, Teekie always managed to inspire her peers through her athletic talents and creative abilities. Her confidence in her artistic style and natural gift of embracing uniqueness made it obvious she was and is destined for greatness. From graphic and fashion design to entrepreneurship, her talents are trailblazing her a golden road to success. 

Outside of freelancing and managing a successful clothing line, Teekie utilizes her combined expertise in sports marketing, graphic design, and natural creativity at her day job—taking an Athletic Department at a popular university in Virginia to the next level. Breaking down doors and grabbing dreams with an unbreakable grip, nothing is impossible in this millennial's world.